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    This is Twenty-six & six, a group which has taken to heart the idea that has guided Irish music makers for centuries. Their audiences have come to rely on a varied set list that runs the gamut from traditional Irish airs, Celtic Rock, rebel and drinking songs, to good old American Rock-n-Roll.

    Lead singer and guitarist Joe Roche, join the talents of Irish fiddler Caitlin Durney-Grossman and Guitarist Dave Likhtiger whose collaborations give the group it's unique sound, with inspired solo riffs that incorporate jigs, reels, Irish rock, and American rock sounds. Bassist Sean Daly and drummer Ed Tierney  provide driving melodic rhythm and percussion that truly compliment the intricate and varied styles of music for which the group has become known.

Formed in the fall of 2008, they have continued to perform in a number of venues New York area.

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